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The concierge service according to Sejourneur

Seasonal rental is built on two pillars : marketing and services, both of which are linked and inseparable. Being able to offer properties that are prepared, inspected and meet strict specifications (quality of cleaning, beds made) and in perfect condition, requires essential know-how in order to satisfy and meet the expectations of future tenants. But our job doesn’t stop there. By entrusting us with your property, you can be sure that it will be maintained and kept in good condition over time. Our committed, efficient and experienced teams are bound to meet the high standards expected by everyone (owners and tenants).




We organise a visit to your property to ensure that it meets our specifications. Once this has been checked, both parties sign the seasonal rental management agreement and the fee schedule, and we start putting your property online.



We carry out a professional photo shoot of your property, draw up a personalised, sales-oriented description, and then put your advert online on the various rental platforms. We also communicate on our social networks and with our database.





We manage your property’s schedule and your income in complete transparency. You are free to use your property periodically or regularly, on request. We take care of making your property available and preparing it if you wish to stay there.

Reservation management

We manage all your bookings, from preparation of the property through to handover of the keys and departure of the tenants (notifications, rental contract, accommodation guide, advice on the city, cleaning and laundry services, bank imprint, etc.).





Our concierge team will welcome your travellers, introduce them to the accommodation and hand over the keys. Travellers can ask for information about the city and the accommodation, and can order additional cleaning services if they wish.

on-call & assistance

We are on call 7/7 to answer travellers’ questions and offer assistance if they encounter any problems during their stay. In this way, their requirements are met throughout their stay, ensuring a unique experience.



End of stay

After the travellers have left, your accommodation is thoroughly inspected and prepared to our standards for the next tenants. In the event of theft or breakage, we deduct the tenant’s deposit and return the property to its original state with our maintenance team.

Customer loyalty

Once the customer’s experience is over, we ask them for feedback so that we can continually improve our services. The traveller is then added to our database and social networks, increasing customer retention and the likelihood of a return visit.





At the end of each month, we issue an invoice for your property, detailing each expense, so that you have a complete overview of your property’s activity. You receive the invoice automatically and can monitor performance using our tracking tool.

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    What is an Airbnb concierge ?

    Do you have a flat to rent on Airbnb and are looking for a concierge in Bordeaux ? You don’t have the time to take care of check-ins and check-outs or handing over the keys ? You don’t live in the Bordeaux region and can’t afford to go there regularly for the tenant’s departure ? Our Bordeaux concierge service will be able to take over from you, limiting your dealings to a single contact, and managing your property for you with complete peace of mind. Depending on your needs and desires, we can find a rental price that is perfectly suited to your profitability requirements. What’s more, with our knowledge of the property market, we’ll be able to promote your property on the various booking platforms. We can handle everything from creating the advert to putting it online, managing the rents and charges and welcoming tenants on a short-term basis, and of course we hold a professional property licence. Your flat or house will also be perfectly secure. Ready to find out more about Airbnb concierge services in Bordeaux ?

    An Airbnb concierge service is generally a real estate agency specialising in the management of seasonal rentals. Once the rental management mandate has been signed, it takes care of marketing the property for short-term rental, using booking platforms such as Airbnb, Booking, Abritel, Expedia and others, as well as its own booking site. The Bordeaux concierge service takes care of all the tasks inherent to your property, as you entrust them with the management, from the creation of the advert, to the taking of professional photos, to the optimisation of prices throughout the year, not forgetting the management of tenants, repairs, entries, exits, cleaning, as well as the repairs and maintenance of the property. For all these services, the concierge service will pay a management fee (deductible from your rental income) and will then pay you a net rent each month, all charges deducted, accompanied by a management report.

    Our Airbnb concierge service in Bordeaux can help you manage your tenants, especially for short stays. Indeed, the aim is simply to receive new tenants, manage the rental contracts, give them the keys and ensure their departure when the time comes. It should also be noted that other tasks such as cleaning, reception or communication will be efficiently handled by our concierge service.


    An Airbnb concierge service ensures the complete management of a property marketed as a seasonal rental, according to the needs and wishes of the owner. Here are some of the tasks that the concierge rental company will take care of for the owner:

    Creation of rental advertisements on the various booking platforms in order to find a tenant
    Professional and rigorous shooting of your property to enhance its value to tenants
    Setting and optimising prices for maximum profitability and occupancy
    Securing the rentals and your property: rental contract, deposit, holiday insurance, liability waivers
    Various services related to the rental: reception of tenants and assistance during their stay, preparation of the accommodation, cleaning on arrival and departure, change of linen, removal of household waste, monitoring of the state of the flat, maintenance work (changing light bulbs, repairing if broken and therefore managing disputes, etc.)
    Collection of rent before the owner’s payment

    So, when you have a property to rent and you decide to put it up for short-term rental, you can perfectly well post your advert on Airbnb, provided that you have a valid registration number issued by the town hall. Of course, the latter must be accurate so that it can attract many people. Also, if you wish to delegate the management of your tenants, our concierge service for seasonal rentals in Bordeaux will be there to meet your needs. We will be able to find a service that will perfectly match your needs.


    Each Airbnb concierge offers a different percentage of commission, which is generally between 15% and 25% including tax of the amount of the bookings. This commission percentage allows for all the tasks that the Airbnb concierge service will be responsible for managing your holiday rental property.


    To find an Airbnb concierge, you can simply search on the Internet, consult specialised websites listing them by region or talk to people you know, if you know owners who are already renting out their properties.


    Do you want to use a concierge service in Bordeaux? You don’t know if it’s really a good idea? Don’t panic, we will give you a list of good reasons why you should take the plunge and work with our concierge service in Bordeaux:

    You can easily maximize your income: indeed, you can easily delegate the tasks that do not suit you, it is perfectly possible to use a concierge service. Thus, you can easily reduce your costs related to travel, for example, and easily increase your profits.
    Delegating rental management can really make things easier for you. You will be able to devote yourself to other activities. It is also worth noting that if you have a busy job or the property you are renting is not close to your home, a concierge service can be ideal.
    You will also be able to spend time doing things that you enjoy. This may sound silly, but it’s still something important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Indeed, if you want to free up some time just for you, a concierge service is really ideal.
    With our concierge service in Bordeaux, you will be able to be completely flexible on your other obligations. You will be able to rent your property with a certain flexibility, which is good news.
    A concierge service Bordeaux also allows you to make your rental investment and your property assets profitable much faster. You will be able to easily obtain the income from your rents without it being too restrictive, thanks to our perfect knowledge of the rental market. We can also offer you a financial guarantee so that you have a clear view of your income.
    Our Airbnb concierge service in Bordeaux also allows you to keep your house or flat in good condition. Indeed, you are not the one who will have to bother with cleaning between two tenants. You can give this task to our concierge service and it’s done.

    As you can see, trusting an Airbnb concierge is really one of the best options you can have at the moment. Of course, we can discuss together what is possible to do and what is not possible to do, for example.


    When you decide to trust us with your Airbnb concierge service, we will be able to establish exactly what you need. Indeed, we can take care of the reception of your tenants, but also of their departure. We can also check the state of the accommodation between each booking, in particular by comparing the inventory of fixtures at the beginning and the inventory of fixtures at the end of the stay, and we can also take care of the cleaning, if you do not wish to take responsibility for it.

    It is really important to work on your advertisements as well. Indeed, when we do seasonal rentals, the ads must make you want to go on holiday with us. This way, we can perfectly highlight the strong points of your accommodation so that you have the best possible advert. These are all subjects that are at the heart of our work and we can really help you in this process.


    If you want to use our Airbnb concierge service, just contact us. We will be able to visit your property and see if it meets our criteria. We will do our utmost to ensure that you have regular tenants in your accommodation. In fact, depending on the assignments we are given, we will be able to help you and do all the tasks that are not convenient for you. The aim of our concierge service is really to take the burden off your shoulders so that you can enjoy your life without being dependent on the arrivals and departures of your tenants.

    Together we can discuss your needs and work out a price that will fit perfectly into your budget. The aim is really to make this service valuable to you and to make it indispensable in the long run. Also, if you have different rental properties on Airbnb, our Airbnb concierge will be happy to accommodate them. All you have to do is contact us so we can discuss it.


    The advantages of renting a property and using our Airbnb concierge service is simply that we can adapt our services to your budget. Indeed, when we meet you, the aim is to understand your expectations and everything you need for a good management of your holiday rentals.

    It will be perfectly possible for you to entrust us with different missions depending on what you need. This way, we will be able to perfectly implement the different elements we have discussed in the shortest possible time. We can also assist you with administrative procedures, such as requests for change of use, or advice on accounting or tax management for renting out your primary or secondary residence.

    By calling on our concierge service in Bordeaux, it will be perfectly possible to obtain a tailor-made service. The latter will correspond in all respects to what you are looking for when you call on our services.

    Our rates are attractive and allow you to focus on more than just checking your tenants in and out, for example. So if you want to invest in other properties for short or long term rental or even for tax purposes, this will be perfectly possible, without it being more time consuming for you, thanks to our concierge service for holiday rentals.

    We will be able to take care of the seasonal rentals you have in Bordeaux and its region. This way, we can really help you, especially during the summer periods when tenants may come and go all the time. It is of course


    If you are looking for a competent and attentive concierge service, we are certainly the people you need. Indeed, we will be present as soon as you need us to receive one of your tenants. Of course, we are also available for short term rentals, whatever the time of year. Whether it’s high or low season, you can count on us.

    We will also be able to give advice to holidaymakers on the different places to discover in the region. Our aim is to make you feel at home during your holiday rental and to give your accommodation a good rating afterwards. We will do our utmost to ensure that the services offered by our service providers meet the expectations of our tenants and owners.

    In conclusion, our concierge service in Bordeaux is truly a tailor-made service that allows you to take time for yourself. We take care of flats and houses every day. Our goal is to make sure that every tenant is satisfied and leaves with the desire to return to your property as soon as possible. We hope that this page has convinced you and that you will not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our rental management service. After all, we are sure that we will be able to meet your wishes and expectations whatever happens. It is possible to modify your contract with our concierge service at any time: it must correspond to your expectations at any time!

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