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A sale is not a simple and banal process. You deserve a personalised and quality accompaniment to bring your life project to a successful conclusion.


Selling your property in 7 steps


A thorough analysis of the value of your property, based on market criteria and a controlled price history. Our large rental database gives us a clear view of the market.


The advertisements for your property are first distributed off-market to our network of owners and investors, before being published within our agency and on the various sales portals.


We take care of the presentation of your property, thanks to a quality photo shoot and a meticulous retouching of the shots. A virtual visit can also be set up for your property.


Prospective buyers are carefully selected and screened to ensure that only qualified profiles are retained. We also check their creditworthiness to avoid wasting the owner’s time.


We ensure that the visits run smoothly, communicate all the essential information about the property and help each prospect to plan their future life project.


As an indispensable mediator in the sale, we help to avoid any misunderstanding between the buyer and the seller by facilitating communication, and by ensuring that the interests of both parties can be met.


Thanks to our notary and tax partners, we can ensure the accuracy of the information and certify compliance with procedures and legislation.

    Our unique « Stay to Buy » concept

    Are you an owner?

    • Entrust us with your property for sale
    • +100 000 visitors in our database of investors, owners and tenants
    • Benefit from a 10% discount HT on our fees for staying in one of our properties







    Do you want to buy?

    • Project yourself in your future environment
    • Stay in the property for sale for a weekend, we provide the services
    • The stay is offered to you if the sale is concluded by our agency

    You sell to buy 

    Our real estate agents will value your property and look for a worthy buyer.

    Once the sale is completed, we will then be delighted to study your life project. Our agents will scour the properties, looking for the rare pearl, the one you secretly dream of.



    Your most common questions

    The exclusive sales mandate gives a single agency the right to sell a property within the duration of the mandate, in which case the fee schedule may be reduced. The simple sale mandate gives the seller the right to solicit several agencies or to sell the property by his own means.

    Agency fees apply when the agency acts as a liaison between buyer and seller. The amount of the fees must be indicated in the property advertisement, which must also specify whether they are charged to the vendor or the purchaser.

    If the agency fees are payable by the buyer, the amount of the agency fees is then specified as a percentage of the price in the advertisement: net selling price + agency fees = selling price

    If the seller is responsible for the costs, the property is sold at the price including agency fees, without knowing the amount of the fees.

    A flat in Bordeaux sells between 50 and 120 days depending on its size. A studio apartment sells in less than two months, while a flat with 7 rooms or more sells in 4 months on average.
    In the case of a house, the delay is between 2 and 3 months.
    Whatever the type of property, we find that buyers are well aware of the property market prices in the most sought-after cities, and do not hesitate to negotiate prices downwards to speed up the sale process.

    We propose a fee schedule according to the price of the property sold:
    Price above 600.000 € 5% of the price including VAT
    Price between 300.000 € and 600.000 € 6% of the price including VAT
    Price less than 200.000 € 20.000 € fixed price

    We provide a free estimate based on our expertise, after studying the latest sales in your area, the current market price and taking into account the features of your property.

    Here are the most important criteria to value your property:

    This is the most important criterion for a buyer. Properties located in a dynamic sector in terms of activity are particularly sought after. Otherwise, the quality of the public transport links can boost the sale price. Finally, the proximity of schools and services weight the selling price.
    The environment of the property is very important! Noise and traffic have a negative impact on the value of the property by 10%, proximity to a motorway or railway line, noisy streets.

    N°02-The characteristics
    Of course, the surface area of a property influences its price, as does the number of bedrooms. In terms of surface area, the seller should rely on the living area, or Carrez surface, rather than the floor area.
    For example, a poor room layout will reduce the price by between 5 and 20% depending on the nature of the problem. The floor of the flat is also important, top floor with terrace +20%.

    An unobstructed view, sea view, garden view, is appreciated by buyers. A nice view inflates the sale price, while a less appreciated one: dark courtyard, cemetery, building, depreciates it.

    A bright home attracts more buyers. A south-facing apartment attracts a 10% premium.
    A north-facing flat is significantly less valuable.

    N°03-The condition of the property
    The quality of the building should not be ignored. A property in good condition sells better, and at a better price, than one that is poorly maintained. If it needs to be refreshed (paintwork in particular), the penalty remains limited. On the other hand, a property in need of refurbishment will be difficult to sell if it is not significantly cheaper than one in good condition, as the buyer will have to factor the cost of the work into his budget.

    Energy performance: the property may be subject to discounts of up to 20% for a property classified E. Conversely, an A or B rated property will sell for more than another because it is more energy efficient.

    The role of the real estate agent is to accompany you from A to Z in the realization of a real estate transaction. They know the property market better than anyone else and will be the most competent to estimate and value your property. As a public officer and expert in real estate law, the notary is responsible for authenticating legal acts. In the case of a property sale, it is the notary's role to ensure that the signing of the preliminary sales agreement and the deed of sale are carried out in accordance with the law.

    The seller must provide you with the following diagnostics:

    Diagnosis of energy (DPE), except in the case of the sale of a dwelling in the future state of completion (VEFA)
    Report on the risk of exposure to lead (CREP)
    Statement mentioning the presence or absence of asbestos
    State of the internal electricity installation if the installation is more than 15 years old
    State of the internal gas installation if the installation is more than 15 years old
    State of the non-collective sanitation installation
    State relating to the presence of termites
    State of risks and pollution (natural, mining, technological, seismic, radon...)
    Noise diagnosis

    After signing the preliminary sales agreement, the buyer has 3 months to obtain a loan. If the loan is refused, the sale does not take place and the buyer has nothing to pay to the seller. If the buyer has paid money to the seller, the seller must reimburse it to the buyer, without any deductions or compensation.

    Our team consists of 4 estate agents and 1 agency manager who are salaried, competent and rigorously trained. Thanks to our experience and professionalism, which is recognised in the Bordeaux region, we are seasoned professionals and experts in the property market.

    Our mission is to accompany you in your search for the ideal property, to organise visits and answer all your questions, to collect your written offer to purchase if the property corresponds perfectly to your wishes, and to accompany you to the notary to finalise the sale or purchase.

    Do you want to know the price of your property?

      Type de bien

      Nombre de pièces

      Sejourneur and the property market

      You want to sell your property in Bordeaux? You don’t know exactly how to go about selling your flat? Don’t panic, we will give you all the information you need to easily find your way around. Ready to learn more about selling by estate agency in Bordeaux? This is where it happens!


      Selling a property is not necessarily the easiest thing in the world, whether it is a main residence, a stone house or a seasonal rental property. Nevertheless, it is important to take into account that calling upon one of the Bordeaux real estate agencies can really help you in your approach. In order to help you easily find your way, here are the different good reasons that should convince you to go through a real estate professional Gironde for the sale of your flat or your house:

      You will be able to benefit from a professional service trained in the real estate business. Indeed, you may not know it, but as a professional, we are here to advise you, but also to help you in the sale of your property as a real estate agency Bordeaux. We also know the Bordeaux real estate sector inside out, so you can be sure that you will be happy. Also, we will be able to show a great efficiency within our real estate agency Bordeaux that it is for a sale, a purchase or the rent of your real estate, if necessary.
      When you want to sell a property, it is really important to note that you must put it at the right price and know the right price, in this case the price of real estate Bordeaux. The aim is not necessarily to make a capital gain and sell it for more than similar properties on the market. So, the advice we can give you is simply to call upon a Bordeaux real estate agency. Indeed, we will be perfectly able to help you in the valuation of your property. With our knowledge of the prestige real estate market, of the area where your property is located, but also of the different services that it has, we will be able to tell you the price at which your property can be sold by our Bordeaux agency. Also, a common misconception among property owners is that it is not necessary to look for a Bordeaux Chartrons real estate agency to sell your property that could potentially be located in this area. You can also use the services of an agency located in the city centre, which will know the Chartrons area just as well.
      Administrative procedures. If you decide to sell your property by your own means by writing the property ad yourself, you must take into account the various administrative steps that you will have to take. By trusting our real estate agency in Bordeaux, you will not have to worry about this part, on the contrary. We take care of the administrative procedures: all you have to do is wait for your property to sell.
      When showing prestige properties (whether it is a contemporary villa, a loft or an architect’s house) to a third party, it is important to take into account that communication is really something important that should not be neglected, in order to fully understand the prospect’s search criteria. So, if you don’t really know how to present your property for sale, you can perfectly entrust this mission to a Gironde estate agency. This way, we will have all the necessary skills to ensure that your property will be of interest to many people, including buyers looking for a rental investment.
      To finalise the transaction, we know that you will need to be accompanied. In our Bordeaux estate agency, we will be able to accompany you until the final sale of your property.

      It is important to take into account that the sale of a property in Gironde can be seen as a real upheaval in the life of a person. So we will be there to help you sell your property quickly, and if necessary, move on to your next property purchase.


      As experts among real estate agencies in Bordeaux, we have all the necessary expertise to find future buyers looking for properties for sale. Indeed, we can perfectly calculate the surface in square meters, estimate the value of your property in relation to the price of real estate Bordeaux, ensure the visits, but also give you all the necessary advice so that your flat or your house can please a maximum of people and be quickly found among our sold properties.

      When you decide to sign a sale mandate with our agency immo Bordeaux, we commit ourselves to find a future owner in the process of buying your flat or house. However, despite an excellent knowledge of the local market, this can be a long process: many elements can be considered as assets in your property for future tenants, such as if it is a prestigious residence, but others can represent blocking elements, as clients are increasingly looking for luxury and prestige. So, if you really want to see your flat in Bordeaux sold as soon as possible, you can trust our Bordeaux estate agency.

      You should also know that we will offer you support. You will be able to contact us whenever you have a question or encounter a difficulty, if any. Our Bordeaux agency will be present until the end of the transaction to help you and make sure that the sale is successful. By choosing a luxury real estate agency in Bordeaux, you will be able to benefit from a complete service in every respect.


      Do you really want to sell your property with a Bordeaux Centre estate agency, whether your property is on the Left Bank, in Le Ferret or in St Emilion? You don’t know exactly how to go about it? Don’t panic, we will give you some advice that will help you anticipate and apprehend this step:

      It is important to know the strong points of your property, to differentiate it from other properties on the market. Of course, when you have lived there, you should have only good memories. But you have to be objective about these, which is not necessarily easy. Hence the interest in calling upon a Bordeaux real estate agency which can help you during this first stage.
      Have your Bordeaux property valued. Whether it’s a house or a flat, an estimate is still important. It will allow you to know how much your property is worth in general. This way, you will be able to fix the price indicated by your Bordeaux real estate agency, but also opt for a higher price, if you wish.
      You should also make sure that the place is clean and comfortable at the time of the visits so that it looks the most prestigious. It is always more difficult to project yourself when there is no furniture. However, this can be solved by opting for home-staging, a practice that Bordeaux estate agents have mastered perfectly. The decoration will be done in a refined and design way so that each potential buyer can visit your house or flat in all serenity.

      As you can see, it is perfectly possible to find your happiness in selling your Bordeaux property. Nevertheless, it is necessary to make sure that the visits are made in a place that is conducive to viewing. Your Bordeaux real estate agency will be able to help you perfectly.


      If you have a property for sale in Bordeaux, in the city centre or a town near Bordeaux, it is perfectly possible to contact your Bordeaux centre estate agency. Indeed, we will be able to come to your place to see the type of property you have to offer. It is also important to take into account that we can already see the strong points (open view, high standing, 19th century building…) and the weak points of your property (large co-ownership, garden level, property to be renovated…).

      If you decide to use our services to evaluate the price of your property, we will give you a free estimate. Thus, your Bordeaux real estate agent will come directly to your home to estimate the right price of your house or your flat, according to the real estate market price in Bordeaux. Trusting us means wanting to see your property sold as soon as possible. All you have to do is to trust your real estate advisor and that’s it.


      Do you have a more expensive than average property to sell? Do you really want to trust a Bordeaux luxury real estate agency? After all, you need to have the necessary knowledge to succeed in this market! We are certainly the right Bordeaux estate agency for you. Indeed, we can sell expensive properties as well as less expensive ones, our years of rental management in seasonal and long term rentals give us a perfect mastery of the Bordeaux property market. We know how to adapt our communication and fees to our target and manage the sale of properties entrusted to us thanks to our real estate expertise, whatever the objective of the buyer to whom we propose a selection entirely adapted to his needs: purchase-sale, real estate investment for rental purposes or simple development of real estate assets.

      If you wish to buy or sell your dream house or your second home in Bordeaux, do not hesitate to contact our real estate agency Bordeaux Location so that we can take care of your request. We will come and see if the property matches our mandate criteria and the type of house or flat we are usually looking for. If this is the case, we will be able to accompany you throughout the sale of your property, from the fixing of the sale price, to the rental estimate for a possible investor, to the signing of the deed of sale with one of our partner notaries. You will thus have the assurance of entrusting your property to a Gironde estate agency with a perfect knowledge of the market, whether it is a simple or exclusive mandate.

      In conclusion, selling beautiful properties in Bordeaux is not necessarily a simple matter. Indeed, if you have a particular attachment to the property you are going to put up for sale, it will be difficult to detach yourself from it. Nevertheless, with the expertise of our Bordeaux real estate agency, you will be able to achieve your goal in the shortest possible time. All you have to do is contact us so that we can meet you and visit your property beforehand, which is necessary to prepare the sale.

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