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Thanks to our experience in seasonal rentals acquired over several years, we have decided to extend our know-how by offering properties for sale in Bordeaux and its surroundings. Our portfolio of clients and other players in the real estate world gives us a network of investors and people likely to buy or offer properties for sale. 

Our approach is based on listening to you, because a property project is often a page in the book of your life, so it is our responsibility to help you write it and make it concrete. Entrust it to us, we will be delighted to help you achieve it. Browse our selection of properties according to your criteria, from the area to the type of property, including the services offered.

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We are experts in holiday rentals in Bordeaux and the Atlantic Coast, and would like to help you discover authentic places for your next residence.

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Why buy a flat in Bordeaux?

Are you thinking of buying a flat in Bordeaux? You don’t know exactly how to go about it? Then we’ll give you all the advice you need in this article and guide you through each step so that your purchase project becomes a reality!

If you want to move your pied-à-terre or invest in a city other than the one you live in, it is perfectly possible! However, you should also bear in mind that the city of Bordeaux is full of advantages for your investment. Here are the various good reasons why you should opt for this city and buy a house or a flat in Bordeaux:

The richness of the heritage. Bordeaux is a city full of places to visit and incredible historical monuments. So if you really want to treat yourself by investing or buying a property in Bordeaux, we can only encourage you. It is also worth noting that you will easily be able to find interesting properties to buy a house or a flat in Bordeaux within the budget that could best suit you. If you have never visited the city of Bordeaux, you should note that among the monuments to see are: the Grand Theatre, the Place de la Bourse, the Porte Cailhau, the Grosse Cloche or the Saint-André cathedral.
In Bordeaux, you will be able to enjoy a quality of life that will be seen as exceptional, being close to all amenities. Indeed, this city offers a pedestrian city centre, a network of buses and trams, but also 29,000 hectares of natural spaces. It is a city which is not necessarily small, but which remains truly human in scale. Also, if you are a cyclist, you will be able to ride the 700 km of cycle paths that have been set up throughout the city.
Bordeaux is also the wine capital of the world. Every wine lover knows this city, but above all it offers the best possible vintages. So, if you love wine and want to be close to the best vines, buying an apartment in Bordeaux can be a really good idea. This way, you can combine business with pleasure by having the opportunity to fill your cellar once you have found a nice flat in the heart of Bordeaux.
The city of Bordeaux also has a strong economic appeal. So, when you go to buy a Bordeaux flat, you will be able to find a dynamic city that is perfect for you. It should also be noted that the city has many economic clusters such as aeronautics, neuroscience, laser optics, geoscience and wood, for example.
The last advantage you might have in buying a Bordeaux flat is simply the fact that it is a perfectly connected city. It takes 2 hours to reach Paris via the high speed line set up by the SNCF. Note also that its airport serves 80 destinations throughout Europe as well. If you want to travel, Bordeaux airport is ideal.

As you can see, buying an apartment in Bordeaux can be particularly interesting. However, you still need to identify the right criteria to find a property that might suit you among the properties for sale. In particular, you will have to choose between a new or old property, a large residence or a small condominium, and of course decide whether you want to do major work or opt for a recently renovated flat.


Whether you want to buy your own home or simply invest in rental property in Bordeaux, it is important to note a few tips. These will help you make the best possible choices when you go to buy your Bordeaux flat.

Opt for a property that is slightly out of the city centre. Living close to all the amenities and in the euphoria of the city can be interesting, but many people look for quiet areas instead. You are more likely to find a property with features that are rare in the centre, such as an open view, a large terrace or a south-facing exterior. It is also worth noting that if you go slightly out of your way, you can always find public transport that will get you to the city centre in just a few minutes. Rather interesting, don’t you think?
Always position yourself near public transport. This can be a good idea when buying an apartment in Bordeaux or a house. Indeed, you will be perfectly able to reach the city centre or other peripheral cities directly, without having to take your car. This can be particularly interesting if you want to do an afternoon’s shopping or if you want to get to your workplace without having to take your car, while remaining close to the city centre.
It is also possible to buy a Bordeaux flat in the new districts, offering certain advantages such as not having to carry out any work, or reduced notary fees on certain programmes. However, you should be aware of the environment. If you decide to buy your main residence, you should also think about resale. If you want to buy and sell, you should avoid new areas and focus your search on older properties instead. For rental investment, we advise you to take into account the setting and to choose a location close to shops. Just because you are investing in a new area does not mean that the setting is necessarily a success and that your property will increase in value.
The right bank of the Garonne: if you want to buy an apartment in Bordeaux with good value for money and generally renovated with a lift, this is certainly the place you should turn to. Indeed, prices are more affordable and you will easily find something that fits your budget, while remaining close to the centre. It should also be noted that these properties may also have a higher resale value, as the area is undergoing a major transformation: this is a point that should not be overlooked when buying in a recent building.
You also have the possibility of investing in the hyper-centre. However, even if you choose to buy a safe flat in Bordeaux, you still have to pay a high price. If you don’t have enough money, you will certainly have to turn to another district, which will be more affordable, while remaining perfect for a main residence or for an investor.
If you are looking for a rental investment, the best advice we can give you is simply to opt for the student districts. Indeed, Bordeaux is a city with a lot of students, so buying a studio in this type of place will generally be interesting, as the property will be easily rented, or can even be sold rented. So, if you want your flat to find a tenant quickly, student areas are very good options: you can, for example, share a flat. This way, you will have a flat that will never be empty from one year to the next and that will have few, if any, vacancies. This can be very reassuring when investing in real estate, in addition to efficient and delegated rental management.
You also have the possibility of moving closer to the economic centres for your flat purchase in Bordeaux. Indeed, if you wish to rent the latter to young workers, you will be perfectly able to do so by being close to these areas. In addition, there is a relatively high demand for rental property.

Investing in Bordeaux can therefore be a good idea, whether it’s in a duplex, a two-bedroom flat, a loft or even a life annuity! So, we hope that the advice we have given you will help you to find the best possible accommodation among the flats for sale. We can of course assist you in your search for a property and therefore find your future home or investment that suits your profile.


For the sale of a flat in Bordeaux or the sale of a house in Bordeaux, it is important to take into account some advice that will certainly allow you to succeed in your sale. Here is what we can give you as advice:

Have your property valued at the right price is an important step. We will be there to discover your property, estimate it at its fair value, put it on the market and also detect sales opportunities. We will also be completely impartial about the price of your property. We know the Bordeaux property sector inside out and can position your house or flat correctly. In addition, a Bordeaux flat valuation will allow you to set a selling price that is neither too high nor too low.
The second piece of advice we can give you is simply to have the mandatory diagnostics established. You should know that for the sale of your property, we need your energy performance diagnosis. Without it, we will not be able to put your property up for sale on the real estate market.
Your sales file must be complete. Potential buyers will ask for a lot of information, such as the carrez law, before committing to a purchase. We will be able to help you put together this file. The sales file will allow us to prepare the sale as well as possible, and to carry it out as soon as possible.
The decoration of your property is also an element that should not be neglected, the flat should appear well maintained during visits. We can perfectly do home stayging at your place so that the visitors can project themselves at best. The decoration will be simple and trendy, to make the flat spacious and very bright, and thus create the “coup de coeur” effect for the buyers. The flat will also look clean and tidy.

As you can see, selling a property is something that needs to be prepared. If you want to sell your property as quickly as possible, the advice given above will help you.


Bordeaux is a dynamic city and so is the region. So, when you go to offer a Bordeaux flat for sale, it may go very quickly. And for good reason, it is a city where it is perfectly possible to buy a property for a main residence or simply for rental investment.

If you decide to sell your property in Bordeaux, you need to have a place to go next. Once the deed of sale is signed, you will only have a few months to find accommodation elsewhere. If you have decided to buy somewhere else, you should make sure that the time frame for each property sale is as short as possible.

Also remember to be flexible on the price. The aim is not to lower the price of your property too much, but simply to leave room for manoeuvre if a buyer is interested in acquiring it, subject to negotiation. In the event of significant negotiation, be aware that the agency will generally be able to re-evaluate its fees in order to trigger the sale. In addition, you should know that the new owner will in all cases have renovation costs, such as the installation of double glazing or the installation of a fitted kitchen, and will therefore seek to impact the sale price according to his budget for works.


If you have a flat or studio for sale in Bordeaux and you don’t know how to go about it, we can help you, either with an exclusive mandate or a simple mandate. Indeed, our real estate agency can intervene in different ways at your place:

For the valuation of your property. This will be free of charge and will allow you to know how much you can expect to sell your flat or house for, notably thanks to the calculation of the habitable and square footage. The value of a property can vary greatly depending on its assets, such as a beautiful terrace, large volumes or a parking space.
The drafting of real estate advertisements on the various sales platforms. We will be able to take professional and attractive photos, write an attractive and complete description so that your property attracts many visitors.
We will also be able to ensure visits and their follow-up. We will highlight all the strong points of your property to buyers, such as a quiet area, a southern exposure or a good standard of living, and will act as an intermediary between the seller and the buyers. We will also check that the buyers have the necessary means to buy, or a mortgage agreement from a bank.
We can also assist you at the time of signing the preliminary sale agreement or the promise to sell, both on the legal and tax aspects, by offering you our advice as well as that of our notaries.

In conclusion, a sale or a purchase of a flat in Bordeaux is not necessarily the most complicated thing. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be accompanied in the right way and by a team of professionals to succeed in your real estate purchase or simply to succeed in selling yours at the best price!

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