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Our favourite destinations

From our base in Bordeaux, we offer you our favourite destinations along the Atlantic coast from the Vendée to the Basque Country and the Bassin d’Arcachon. Our years of experience have enabled us to build up a relationship of trust with all our owners and thus invite you to discover all the properties we offer exclusively.

Our personal selection

Discover our prestigious properties, a rigorous and meticulous selection on our part is required to offer you exceptional accommodation in idyllic settings. We have built up a variety of complementary areas of interest, from the waterfront villa to the typical Bordeaux flat, via the Ecolodge in the middle of nature.

Villa Cali 🌅


4 662 € à 8 392 € / week

Villa Fages 🌅


5 206 € à 11 240 € / week

Villa de la Dune


7 770 € à 13 986 € / week

Le Saoult 🌅


4 584 € à 8 252 € / week

Villa Sisso  🌅


3 730 € à 6 713 € / week



4 269 € à 7 692 € / week

Lebrette – Cap Ferret


5 589 € à 10 173 € / week

Bonal -🏄‍♀‍


2 233 € à 3 573€ / week

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Our latest finds

Each new Sejourneur property is visited and validated by our teams to ensure that it meets our travellers’ expectations. Our properties are then meticulously prepared according to our high standards to ensure the well-being of our guests.

Prinkipo Villa

Prinkipo Villa

Sumptuous villa of character, atypical, decorated and fitted out to perfection. Built in 1925 on the Golf de Chiberta, it has a privileged location 3 minutes from the beach of La Madrague.

La découvrir

Balaou Villa

Balaou Villa

This superb villa with heated pool, jacuzzi and a beautiful sun terrace promises unforgettable memories of your holiday. The beach, 300 metres away, will be a major asset during your stay.

La découvrir

Hangar Apartment

Hangar Apartment

Superb flat in a beautiful stone building, offering a splendid view of the Garonne and the Quays of Bordeaux. The flat offers all the services and amenities necessary for a quality stay.

La découvrir

Your stay in complete serenity

Bringing you a unique and personalised experience is a leitmotiv we wish to respond to through our services and accompaniment offers. From freshly made beds to your picnic on the Banc d’Arguin to a visit to the chateaux of Bordeaux along the wine route.




Sejourneur and the property market

Are you looking for a flat to rent in Bordeaux? You don’t know exactly how to go about it? Don’t panic, we will be able to help you to see things more clearly. Ready to learn more about it? This is the place to do it!


Renting a flat for the time of your stay in Bordeaux, to visit the city, is a good idea to take advantage of a central location in the city. You will be close to all the bars, restaurants and places of interest and can do everything on foot.

We will explain the different possibilities of renting a Bordeaux apartment for a stay in the capital of wine.


One of the most interesting options is to rent a flat for a weekend, a week or more for your stay in Bordeaux. This type of rental will allow you to select a property that meets your criteria (number of rooms, surface area…) as well as to choose the exact location or the district where you wish to be.

Unlike hotels, which are generally located at the far end of the city centre, the flats offered for holiday rental in Bordeaux will be located in the heart of the city, in places of interest and close to the shops. You will have the opportunity to discover the city from the inside, and to live as one of its inhabitants thanks to the flats for rent in Bordeaux. Moreover, you will have access to a complete accommodation, not limited to a simple room like a hotel, and you will be able to take advantage of the living room, as well as the kitchen if you do not wish to go to the restaurant at every meal.


The second solution is to opt for a guest house in the city centre. Halfway between a hotel room and a holiday rental flat, you will also benefit from a prime location to discover the city. The room will generally be larger and more spacious than a hotel room and more comfortable than a flat, but you will not have access to a kitchen. This is an ideal option provided you have lunch and dinner in a restaurant for each meal.


The solution long favoured by travellers is to take a hotel room close to the city centre. The advantage of a hotel room is that linen and cleaning services will be systematically included in your reservation, and you will probably benefit from more services than a flat or a guest room, such as a swimming pool, a gym or breakfast included.


For a longer stay in Bordeaux, you can opt for either bare accommodation or furnished accommodation. If your stay is longer than 3 months, then a long term rental, bare or furnished, is the ideal option. If your stay is less than 3 months, then you can opt for a flat to rent in Bordeaux with a lease called 3-6-9.

Long-term furnished accommodation will allow you to simply arrive with your belongings and be able to live there immediately, without worrying about buying furniture or equipment, but you will not have a choice about the type of decoration or furniture present.

Long-term rented accommodation is usually more affordable, but you will have to furnish the flat and equip it to live in. The good thing is that you can choose every piece of furniture and decoration according to your taste, and thus create your own tailor-made living space.

The third and final option, renting a property on a seasonal basis, will be the most flexible of the two, allowing you to stay in a property that is already equipped and furnished, while offering you flexibility without committing to a long-term Bordeaux rental.


Are you looking for a flat to rent in Bordeaux? You have difficulty finding available accommodation and your rental search is taking longer than expected? We will give you all the necessary advice so that you can choose the perfect property for your Bordeaux rental.


If you are looking for a flat to rent, it is really important to take into account the following advice:

Choose a flat for rent in Bordeaux that is well placed. Indeed, at the present time, public transport is really an important element that you should not neglect, on the contrary. Think about orienting your search for accommodation according to the school your children will attend, the distance between your workplace and the flat, as well as the proximity of places of interest likely to interest you.
You will then have to select a district and an area of the city where to orient your search for a flat for rent in Bordeaux. You will have the choice between the city centre and its outskirts. In the centre of Bordeaux, you will find the famous Golden Triangle where prices can rise very quickly, the St Pierre district which is ideal for going out and eating out, the St Seurin district, just a stone’s throw from the centre but very quiet, or the Capucins district, which is more affordable and just a stone’s throw from the Quays.

On the outskirts of the centre, you will find the famous Chartrons district, a chic and refined area, often compared to the Marais district in Paris. A real village just a stone’s throw from the city centre, you will appreciate the calm, its proximity to the Quays or the Public Garden as well as its numerous bars, restaurants and refined food shops.

You will also have to take into account the price of rents according to the districts or zones in which you are located. Indeed, as you can probably imagine, if you are in the city centre, you will certainly have a higher rent for a flat to rent in Bordeaux than if you were in the Capucins or the Bassins à Flots.


If you are looking for a flat to rent in Bordeaux, call on our services and we will try to offer you the ideal flat among our selection of accommodations. We will take into account your search criteria, as well as your desired neighborhoods and we will search for the rare pearl for your future living space. Whether you are looking for seasonal, bare or long-term furnished accommodation, we will be able to offer you a selection of properties adapted to your budget and your length of stay.

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