Our partners

We are concerned with the quality of the service. Our partners, who are so key to the success of the tenant’s stay, are rigorously selected

All our partners are local people or guest houses, established for many years in their region, a region that has no secrets for them!

Their missions are numerous between:

Preparing the accommodation (from making sure it works properly to making the beds! )
Welcoming the tenants (sometimes late… but also to pass on good tips!
Accompanying them during their stay and answering any questions they may have.

In Bordeaux



La Maison des Vignes Bordeaux

Helene and Patrick Pineau, owners of the MaisondesVignesBordeaux, have created a house in their image: full of charm and poetry!

Come and discover this atypical guest house with its exceptional welcome and services. The breakfast is simply unique because it is “home-made”.


La Maison des Vignes Bordeaux

On the Arcachon Basin

Oui Marie

Oui Marie !

Oui Marie! is a company that provides services to individuals for the management of their homes and flats, as well as for the organisation of their leisure activities and events during their stay.

The fundamental values of OuiMarie! are quality, reliability and discretion.

Established on the Bassin d’Arcachon for more than 15 years, you can rely on the local and experienced OuiMarie! team all year round.


In Les Sables d’Olonne

En Compagnie d’Armelle

You own a property in the Pays des Olonnes and you are not on site or you have little time to devote to it: “En Compagnie d’Armelle” prepares your second home before your arrival, ensures a regular presence in your absence and can manage the reception of your guests or tenants.

We undertake to respect the confidentiality of our interventions and to inform you of them.

En Compagnie d'Armelle

La ferme du Marais Girard

The Marais Girard Farm

The Ferme du Marais Girard magnificently combines traditional rural architecture, contemporary construction and landscape integration. It is this jewel that the current owners were keen to restore: passionate about heritage and eco-construction, they have managed to respect the soul of the place.

Living to the rhythm of the elements is one of the vocations of the Marais Girard farm. Here, there is no pretence of pleasure but a shared conviviality, at the barn counter, around the pool or, under the stars, on the front pontoon of the villas.